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Color Name: Honeysuckle
Pantone Code: 18-2120 TCX
Pantone Sku: 18-2120TCX
Color Name: Mimosa
Pantone Code: 14-0848 TCX
Pantone Sku: 14-0848TCX
Color Name: Marigold
Pantone Code: 14-1050 TCX
Pantone Sku: 14-1050TCX
Color Name: Amber Yellow
Pantone Code: 13-0942 TCX
Pantone Sku: 13-0942TCX
Color Name: Gold Fusion
Pantone Code: 15-1062 TCX
Pantone Sku: 15-1062TCX
Color Name: Cadmium Yellow
Pantone Code: 15-1054 TCX
Pantone Sku: 15-1054TCX
Color Name: Old Gold
Pantone Code: 15-0955 TCX
Pantone Sku: 15-0955TCX
Color Name: Bittersweet
Pantone Code: 17-1663 TCX
Pantone Sku: 17-1663TCX
Color Name: Poppy Red
Pantone Code: 17-1664 TCX
Pantone Sku: 17-1664TCX
Color Name: Barberry
Pantone Code: 18-1760 TCX
Pantone Sku: 18-1760TCX
Color Name: Molten Lava
Pantone Code: 18-1555 TCX
Pantone Sku: 18-1555TCX
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